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I recently bumped into this tricky problem when running Docker Desktop on a MacBook running macOS Monterey having iCloud Private Relay.

I publish this little post to be found if anyone is having the same issue.


The solution when a container is not able to reach internet like:

root@docker-desktop:/# apt…

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During researches, at some point, I needed to evaluate a particular measure (diversity index) on big rectangular matrices. It isn’t relevant for this story, but I am talking about single-cell RNA-Sequencing data.

In practise this is useful to estimate the number of diverse components found in a population (e.g. the…

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Random numbers are an essential part of the life of a data scientist. You must generate them, for instance, if you need matrices that initialise neural-networks, to perform data analysis using null-models or even when running Monte Carlo simulations.

Imagine you have to generate a lot of independent sequences of…

Neural Compute Stick 2 equipped with MYRIAD chip. Image by Author.

Application of machine learning are, nowadays, endless. There are models out there already trained and data that need nothing but to be fitted.

When one deals with Machine Learning applications it often tricky deciding on which hardware train the model and offload the inference.

Intel® has introduced openVINO® that help…

Filippo Valle

Ph.D. student in Complex Systems for Life Sciences. Interested in physics, ML application, community detection and coding.

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