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A C++ implementation

The Model

Neural Compute Stick 2 equipped with MYRIAD chip. Image by Author.

A brief guide to run your model everywhere

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A meaningful score

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How can Nimbella send upgrades to a Flutter app


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The CPU’s temperature shown in the menu bar.

How one of the most interesting complex law is part of your chats

  • Imagine to count which words are common in Wikipedia and which are not: the answer is the Zipf!
Zipf in Wikipedia
Zipf in Wikipedia
A plot of the rank versus frequency for the first 10 million words in 30 Wikipedias (dumps from October 2015) in a log-log scale. Credits: Wikipedia (SergioJimenez, Zipf 30wiki en labels, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Filippo Valle

Ph.D. student in Complex Systems for Life Sciences. Interested in physics, ML application, community detection and coding.

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